Activate Webuzo Premium (Trial) License for Free | VPS Setup Guide for Beginners | Ep. 5

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In this tutorial, I’ll discuss how to activate the Webuzo control panel’s premium trial license free of cost. Softaculous allows you to activate a premium license for Webuzo panel with a 30 days validity.

When the license expires, all the services of your server will keep running. But, your navigation to the control panel will be limited. In the later sections of this article, I’ll discuss how to run your VPS with Webuzo free license for the lifetime with all the premium apps you’ve installed.

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Let’s get right to activate your Webuzo premium license for 30 days.

How to Get the Webuzo Trial License?

To get the trial license, you need to create a Softaculous account. Go to and sign up with your email address.

softaculous signup page

Now, activate the account by clicking on the activation link provided on the email.

softaculous signup confirmation

Login to your Softaculous account and go to the client area.

softaculous client area menu

Click on “Webuzo” from the left menu, and select “Webuzo Trial”.

create webuzo trial license menu

Select “VPS Server” from the “Choose Type:“ drop-down menu, enter the IP address of your VPS in the “Server IP” field, and click on “Get Trial”.

create webuzo trial license for vps

A trial license will be assigned to your VPS server.

webuzo trial license assigned

Now, go to the “My Licenses” page from the left-sidebar menu. You can see your license details there.

webuzo my licenses menu
webuzo licenses page

How to Activate the Webuzo Panel?

You can easily activate your Webuzo panel with the license you’ve created in the previous step. Now go to the Webuzo Admin panel. The address of the admin panel is YOUR_IP:2004. Make sure to replace “YOUR_IP” with the real IP of your server. You will see your server’s license detail on the front page.

webuzo activation step 1

Now, click on the “Enter License Key” link. On the next page, enter the license key that you created a moment ago, and enter your email address.

webuzo activation step 2

Your license should be activated in a moment.

Now, you have the premium license for your Webuzo Panel. So, you can easily install WordPress using the one-click installer on your VPS.

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