Add and Point Domain Name to VPS Server (Webuzo) | VPS Setup Guide for Beginners | Ep. 4

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In this tutorial, I’ll discuss how to add a domain name to your VPS server using the Webuzo panel and point the domain name to your VPS. Webuzo interface allows you to set up your domain name quickly.

Update: If your domain is not pointing to the VPS still after following the method described in the video above, watch this.

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For beginners, setting up their first website on a VPS can be very confusing. Having a domain name and setting up a VPS server don’t mean your website is ready to publish. You have to set up the domain property on your VPS where you will store your website’s content, and the domain also needs to be pointed to the server, so the contents are available to the visitors.

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How Many Domains Can be Added?

Technically, there is no such limit either from the VPS or Webuzo panel. You can add as much domain you want. You need to make sure that your server has enough resources, i.e., processing power, RAM, and store to the server the visitors to all of the domains.

How to Add a Domain Name on Webuzo Panel?

You can easily add your domain names to Webuzo. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Webuzo control panel.
  2. Click on “Add Domain.”
add domain to vps webuzo panel

It will take you to the “Add New Domain” page. Now, Fill up the required fields as follow:

  1. Domain: Enter your domain name without http://, https:// or www. I’m using for explanatory purposes. Make sure to write your domain name here.
  2. Is Domain Addon or Parked?: It is checked by default. Leave it as it is.
  3. Domain Path: This is the folder location where the website files will be stored. It will be populated automatically with your domain name. Leave it as it is unless you want a custom folder name.
  4. IP Address (Optional): Leave it blank.
  5. Mail Validation records (Optional): It is checked by default. Leave it as it is.
  6. Issue Let’s Encrypt certificate: If you check this field, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate will be created and installed for your domain name for three months. You can renew the certificate every three months for free of cost. However, leave this unchecked for now. We will manually configure this later.
  7. Click on the “Add Domain” button.
add domain to webuzo panel

Your domain name will be added, and you will get a confirmation message.

add domain to webuzo panel confirmation

How to Manage a Domain Name on Webuzo Panel?

You can edit or delete a domain name later using the “Manage Domain” button available on the Webuzo control panel.

managing domain on webuzo panel

You can edit the details of a domain name that you have already added, remove a domain, or add new domain on the “Manage Domain” page.

edit or remove domain on webuzo panel

Point the Domain Name to the VPS (Webuzo)

Pointing a domain name to your VPS for the Webuzo panel comprises two parts:

1. Getting the DNS Zone information for your domain:

Click on the “DNS Zone Settings” button.

webuzo dns zone settings

Select Domain: Select your domain name from the drop-down menu.

webuzo advanced dns settings

Scroll down to the “Zone File records of YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME” section.

domain zone file records webuzo

You should see the DNS information of your domain in a table. Keep this page open since we will copy the data from this table to your domain registrar’s DNS settings page.

2. Configuring DNS for your domain

As we have registered our domains with a variety of registers like Namecheap, GoDaddy, and so on, the domain configuration page may look different for each domain provider. However, the configuration options should be the same for everyone as they follow a standard protocol.

My domains are registered with Namecheap. So, I’ll use Namecheap’s domain configuration page to configure the DNS Zone of my domain. Login to your domain account (in my case, it’s Namecheap).

Click on the “Manage” button of your domain name.

namecheap domain manage page

Make sure you’ve selected “Namecheap BasicDNS” from the “NAMESERVERS” drop-down menu, and click on the green checkmark icon.

name cheap basic dns

Now, click on the “Advanced DNS” button on the top side of this interface.

name cheap advanced dns

Click on the “ADD NEW RECORDS” button.

namecheap add dns records

Select “A Record” from the drop-down menu. Similarly, add four more A records, one CNAME record, and three TXT records by clicking on the “ADD NEW RECORDS” button. You should have nine records in total.

Namecheap add a DNS record

Now, fill in the records with the information from the DNS settings page of the Webuzo panel (the page we left open). That said, the value of an A Record should be placed in an A Record field here. Similarly, a TXT Record data should go to a TXT Record field.

When you are done with filling in all the fields, click on the “SAVE ALL CHANGES” button at the bottom.

namecheap save dns configuration

If you completed these steps, your domain should point to your VPS now. However, it may take up to 24 hours to propagate your domain to the new host. But, in most cases, it doesn’t take more than an hour.

How can you be sure that the domain is pointing to your VPS now?

Visit your domain name, and you should see the following screen:

domain pointing to webuzo successful

If you see the above screen, your domain name is successfully pointing to your VPS.

In the next episode, I’ll discuss how to activate the Webuzo premium (trial) license for free.

Please share your reflections about this tutorial by rating it or dropping a comment below. Feel free to ask any questions if you face any difficulties to add and point a domain name to VPS.

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