How to Install Wget Package on a CentOS System

In this tutorial, I’ll discuss how to install Wget package on a CentOS system. In most of the cases, this utility comes preinstalled. However, as you are in this tutorial, I’m sure that you’ve got an error saying: “wget command not found.”

Wget is a Linux command-line utility that can download the files to your system from the web with a ‘wget’ command. The utility can download the files that are served with an FTP, HTTP, or HTTPS protocol.

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Let’s get the right to install Wget utility on your CentOS system and fix the “wget command not found” problem.

Installing Wget on CentOS

Run the following command:

sudo yum install wget
install wget on centos

It will ask your permission to install the package: type y and press enter.

You’ve installed the Wget utility package on your CentOS system.

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